“The Contract”; means the document or documents that set out these conditions and all other details about your agreement with us. “We”,”Us”, and “Our” mean the Supplier of the goods, i.e. Big Bash Events. “You”, “Your” and “Hirer” means the Hirer of the goods.means all goods hired by us to you.

GENERAL:  All goods remain the property of the Owner. We reserve the right to use any photography of event(s) for promotional purposes unless otherwise advised by the Hirer in advance. We reserve the right to amend our Terms & Conditions as and when required.

PLACING AN ORDER. By placing an order and paying the deposit you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. This ensures that the items are reserved for your required date specified on the Event Form.

All correspondence after the initial order to be via email only. Not social media such as Text messaging, Face book Messenger, WhatsApp or Pages as responsibility will not be taken for missing information sent via by these methods.

The Customer/hirer. are fully responsible for the safe keeping for all items hired from Big Bash Events and for any damage or loss to equipment hired. Including any damage to the Magic Mirror caused by the hirer or their or his /her guests at an event.


Cash, card, or internet/bank transfer payment is required by Big Bash Events in order to hold the hired items for your required date specified on the Event Invoice/Order Form. This fee will apply towards the remaining balance, which is due no less than 28 days prior to the event.

All date reservation fees are non refundable or non transferable.


Cancellations by the customer with less than 90 DAYS notice will require full payment less any date reservation paid.

Wedding or Event Postponements & Cancellations –

If you or your venue change your wedding date we will deem your original date as a voluntary cancellation and a new contract will be issued. However we will move your reservation fee or money already placed to your new date. If the wedding or event is moved into the following year or beyond we reserve the right to increase our prices based on a year on year price increase normally 10% and will notify you of any occurrence.


The Installation / timings of the laying of the dance floor and the removal must be agreed at the time of booking and strictly adhered too, any alteration in the timings may result in Big Bash Events not being in a position to alter their installation time / removal times of the floor, Therefore we reserve the right to withhold any booking fee or full payment. The use of foil confetti, sequins, food, drinks and the placing of tables & chairs together with any cake tables are not permitted over or on the Starlight Dance floor. Damage caused by any of the above will be the responsibility of the hirer. If the above is not adhered to and extra cleaning of the floor is required then there will be up to a £100.00 charge added which will be deducted off the date reservation

Dance floor will be laid in accordance to any floor plan or preference of area given by the hirer. Please ensure you are happy with the position/area as it cannot be relocated. Once laid it cannot and will not be moved for any reason. Should the dance floor be moved by any third party once Big Bash Events have left the premises it will be the responsibility of the hirer, not the Venue, for any damage caused to any of the panels/edging or control box of the dance floor. The hirer will be aware that the surface, which the floor is to be laid, needs to be both flat and dry. An uneven floor may result in the LED lights not working as the panels cannot connect properly.

Our staff will not lay the dance floor on a wet surface, as this will damage the panels.

Big Bash Events will not be held responsible if we cannot lay the dance floor due to the surface being wet and uneven. Liquid spillages on the dance floor can occasionally result in component failure, the Hirer is liable for any damage caused.The venue needs to have suitable access i.e. no stairs, steps so that we can wheel the dance floor (in its trolley which is 137cm x 67cm) into your venue. Where the function room is upstairs a goods lift will be required. We also need to be notified if there is gravel, ledges, lips that the trolley needs to be pushed on/over. If the access is poor (see above) then an extra charge may be made in order or extra time to be allocated to your event to carry the dance floor panels by hand into your function room.


Whilst our Magic Mirrors have a member of staff attending for the duration of the Mirror hire, your guests are expected to respect our employees at all times. If for any reason there are any altercations/arguments that escalate into any signs of violence, we reserve the right to immediately put on the Mirrors protective covering and close down the Magic Mirror and remove our services

In addition, if the Mirror suffers any damage during the hire period, however caused, the hirers will be informed of the damage and it will result in the immediate closure of the magic mirror and no partial refund will be given for the time lost.

The venue needs to have suitable access i.e. no stairs, steps so that we can wheel the Magic mirror into your venue.

All our Magic Mirrors have the same specification and also vary in sizes. Big Bash Events allocate Magic Mirrors in accordance with your requirements and venue accessibility.

We reserve the right to substitute Magic Mirror designs at the last minute due to damage or repair.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to child protection, children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult. No photos of children will be allowed on their own.


Customers are aware that all photo images and videoing from the Magic Mirror may be used on our social media and Facebook sites as well as any photographs & videos taken of the event. If this do not wish for your event to be used on our social media site, Please inform us in writing 14 days prior to the event.


The Letters & Numbers must remain in situ and not be moved by the Venue or guests to minimise their risk of damage. Big Bash Events allocate Love letters in accordance with your requirements and venue accessibility and reserve the right to replace 4ft Love letters & MR & MRS with suitable replacements if our Letters have been damaged from a previous event and are being repaired.

The Hirer will take care when they are used outside that they are under cover and and kept dry at all times taken indoors if it rains. And also taken indoors at night. These Letters & Numbers are the sole responsibility of the hirer whilst on 24 hour hire. Our Letters and numbers are not for outdoor use.


When placing an order, we may agree on a discount for a package price which may include several items and services for your event, if for any reason you wish to withdraw any of the items or services, then the discounted price will be reviewed as this is no longer the package first agreed and therefore pricing of items and services may increase.When booking a wedding or event we are aware numbers of guests may decrease or increase, may we recommend that you possibly under estimate your number of guests in the first instance when making the initial booking with us. The Customer/hirer will be entirely responsible to pay for any damaged, lost, burned, altered, or stolen items along with cleaning of badly soiled dance floor. Except for reasonable hire usage, all items must be returned in good condition. Big Bash Events cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to items/property once they have left our premises

PLEASE NOTE Function / venue managers

Should be made aware of our agreed time of set up along with a function turn-round time for install of dance floors so we may gain access at the given time. Any change round time slots must be agreed & strictly adhered to. (Please remember that we may be booked at another venue immediately after yours so timings are of paramount importance.) Unfortunately if the above is not adhered to it may result in Big Bash Events not being able to start or fully complete the room decor, As such and with regret, Big Bash Events reserve the right not to refund any monies that have been paid due to other parties not being in a position to allow us to complete the decor. Clients must make Big Bash Events aware of any no parking at venues, any charges for parking will be the responsibly of the client.Big Bash Events must be made aware of any removal of our equipment immediately following the wedding as it is not always possible to attend and remove our equipment late at night, and therefore we often ask if the venue would store our items overnight. This is still the responsibility of the hirer, but in the majority of cases we endeavour to return and collect the items.


At the time of booking Big Bash Events will require a name and mobile telephone number of a member of the event or wedding party for contact purposes on the day in the unlikely event any problems should arise.

If any faults, damages or problems arise with the items hired during the event, Big Bash Events must be notified by telephone.Big Bash Events will endeavour to attend your event to rectify the problem as soon as possible. However if we attend a fault and it is deemed that a product was not faulty, but caused by persons at the event a fee of £50.00 will then be charged for the call out.

 Call our 24hour hotline number 07595 438355

The Customer/hirer are fully responsible for the safe keeping for all items hired from Big Bash Events and As such if items are returned damaged, missing or stolen, we agree to pay for damaged goods or the full amount of the hired items if missing or stolen.

In the event where goods are left overnight at a venue due to a late finish please make sure the venue knows we will collect as early as possible the following day and all electrical items are turned off immediately after the event ends and not left turned on overnight. The Customer/hirer are fully responsible for ensuring that these are secured overnight until they are collected by big bash events the following day.


Big Bash Events shall not be responsible for injury or damage to persons or property howsoever sustained, arising from any goods under hire. We shall be under no liability in respect of any defect arising from wilful damage, abnormal usage conditions, alteration or repair of the goods without our prior approval. We will not be liable for any indirect loss, loss of business, profits, savings you expected to make, wasted money, fees or expenses, wages, due to the unsuitability, breakdown or stoppage of the goods or any part of them. We will not be liable for any delays caused by any circumstances beyond our control.


You also hereby consent to the collection, storage and use of my personal data, which is freely submitted, for the following purpose only:

products and Services as agreed with Big Bash Events on this day.

I understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time by requesting that withdrawal to this office in writing or via email to Big Bash Events. and that my request will be acted upon within one month of my making such a request. I understand and agree that their party organisations may received my data and that Big Bash Events will only submit required personal data for attaining quotes for products/services that I have enquired about that may need to be outsourced or purchased to fulfil an order/quote/for any reason deemed necessary to meet customer expectations.

I/We understand that Big Bash Events shall inform me of any third parties (as stated above), that may process my information prior to submitting that data and that the company will not submit my data without first obtaining my consent.

I have read and understood the Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions regarding the obtaining, storage and processing of my personal data.

Big Bash Events reserve the right to amend our terms & conditions at any time.