Starlight Backdrops Starlight Skirts and Ceiling Draping

Our eye-catching Starlight LED Backdrops looks absolutely stunning and really compliments our other starlight products

We provide stunning Starlight backdrops from our unit in Leicestershire and are available for any occasion, from a Traditional backdrop to Grecian and Trieste our latest designs.

They are perfect for a whole range of events from weddings to corporate events or prom nights,  All are totally self-supporting with led lighting and voile overlay curtain, in a few designs. Available in 6m x 3m sizes.

Our Starlight LED backdrops which can also be thought as LED backdrops or LED Starcloths are one of our most popular wedding items. Instantly transforming any venue, our starcloth led backdrops are normally used to highlight parts of a room. A popular choice if are looking to create a focal point at your event.

Our starlight curtains have LED lights built into the material, no visible wires and meet all British safety standards. Our Starlight curtain lights can remain static or can be set to twinkle in several colours to match your wedding theme or event.

We only use professional LED backdrop systems  and are available in white with black being added later this year 2020.

our Starlight Led backdrops can be adjusted so they fit in any room. They are totally self-supporting and use the free standing pipe and base system. Available in 6m x 3m sizes.

Our Starlight backdrops are a great for hiding any unsightly walls in a room, Our starlight star cloths make a wonderful backdrop behind a top table .

Why not add a Starlight top table skirt, starlight cake table skirt along with walkthrough archway to give your event or wedding the wow factor.

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