Exploding Balloons

Our exploding balloons prove a talking point at any event

Exploding balloons are the best way to create an effect for any special occasion, guaranteed to make any event go with a bang.

Our exploding balloons filled with confetti, feathers or baby 5” balloons over your dance floor and detonated at some point of first dance creating an opportunity to capture some unique wedding photographs.

These balloons are also very popular at corporate events to launch a product, presentation or awards

All our exploding balloons are also available with a battery operated detonator, which enables your chosen person to simply detonate the balloon at the precise moment for your room entrance or your first dance.

  • Perfect for wedding receptions & first dances
  • Events
  • Promotions
  • Can be made to match your colour scheme
  • Used to create stunning photos
  • Controlled by yourselves or our staff

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