Starlight Dance Floors in Leicestershire

Our Starlight LED Dance floors will add a touch of class to any event.

Dance the night away on one of our beautiful Starlight Dance floors Perfect for weddings, parties, Proms and corporate events.

We have so many options for you to amaze your guests.

Our Starlight LED Dance Floors in Leicestershire (and around the Midlands) are available in all white, but we can change the colour of the twinkle to match your wedding or event theme. So whatever your colour theme our Starlight LED dance floors are sure to compliment it. The lights are also available in static or twinkle mode.

Our RGB LED Pro Starlit Dancefloor is our newest edition, can twinkle, glow, set to 2 solid colours and much more. Starlight dance floors available in all white panels only.

We also hire Dancefloors in all white or wood effect.

Available sizes for our Starlit Dancefloor

10 x 10

12 x 12

14 x 14       Our most popular

16 x16

18 x 18

Contact us today and let us help you choose perfect starlight dance floor.


  • Starlight Dance Floors are perfect for weddings, parties, Proms and corporate events.
  • All our Starlight dance floors are supplied fully working with no broken panels and come cleaned and polished.

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