Post Boxes

Big Bash Events Wedding Post Box Hire Leicester gives your Guests somewhere to Leave their Cards Messages and Envelopes.

Over the years it has become acceptable to ask for gift cards or money, Guests, however, attend your wedding holding valuable envelopes and worrying about having nowhere to put them

A Replica Wedding Post Box is a safe option and could be an essential addition to your wedding plans, the wedding post box is normally placed on the present table or entrance, your guests can then relax knowing their envelope is safely locked inside your wedding post box.

Our White wedding postbox hire is also available in red are also ideal for Birthday parties too.

Only last year we decorated a wedding and the bride had purchased a pretty cardboard post box where their guests placed valuable envelopes in which contained quite a sum of cash. However in the evening at the reception, a person apparently placed his coat over the cardboard post box pressed down to crush it and walked out and away with the post box this was caught on CCTV but the unknown guest was never caught.

  • A secure place to store gifts & valuables
  • Comes in colours to match your events colour scheme
  • Comes personalised with the details of your event
  • Perfect for wedding receptions

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